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A new copic illustration featuring a geisha twist on the classic harley quinn. If you would like a commission like this please feel free to email me at or order this piece here:

My first attempt at traditional oil painting one of my pinups. Here is the lovely doctor missus the monarch.

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Prints for this piece will be on sale shortly but you can view my other pinup prints for sale at

New 4”x6” Commission pieces for Comicpalooza 2014. Spicy Donut - Booth 1429!

My new wallet design, Pin-up Aquatic, is up and ready for sale! Featuring a fresh, never before seen, tailored painting for the relaunch of the mighty wallet art collective! You know you need a sexy sea creature in your pants!


Big thanks to Minicore Studios and artist Devin Lawson for sending over some beautiful, exclusive artwork for their game The Sun at Night.

If the idea of fighting cyber bears as a heroic Russian space dog intrigues you, definitely give our review a read.

Ivy masterfully printed on wood and metal now available on

The original cat burglar is on her next spree! This is an original pinup piece inspired by Gil Elvgren’s Art and Bettie Page’s Charm with a Catwoman twist.

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I decided to do a pinup for Austin Comic Con (coming up this weekend Nov 22-24th )and I’ve had a lot of request for Batgirl. Specifically Barbra Gordon Batgirl. I wanted to do a nod to the hot rod honeys and give Babs her own Kick-ass Batmobile!

Prints will be available at Austin Comic Con or you can order them online at:

Come visit me at Austin Comic Con booth B48.

Here is the lovely Miss Poison Ivy trying to water her plants. This is a new print that will be debuting this weekend at Alamo City Comic Con. I will be at booth 77 so please stop by to get a copy and I’ll even sign it for ya!

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